Few Stops We Make On The Way…

The problem is with half the people telling
you to do something that makes you happy.
And then the other half that tells you to
look for it within you. Maybe some of
aren’t driven by happiness.

Maybe some of us are driven by chaos, growth, challenges, boredom and uncertainty. Maybe, happiness is just a few stops we make on the way. Maybe it’s just a moment, not a constant.
Maybe that’s why the journey is worth it,
for those few stops we get to make


Life is Nothing but a Mirage after all…

You thought you saw something,
a possibility
You build around it,
not consciously
but because it feels right in your head.
There are days you couldn’t fathom it,
not really,
neither you nor your words.

It’s a silent wish, a hope,
a point of light
that awaits you at the shore
of a sea of darkness you just swam across
Try hard as you might to not reach out
it pulls you towards it.
Slowly. One reason at a time.
Because that’s what light does to darkness,
love does to scars.
Gathering all that’s left of you,
just when you dare to feel the light
it goes off.
Poof. Like how the winds put down candle flames.

With a silence that’s loud
in the void it leaves behind.
You realise it was a mirage,
your silent wish, hope, point of light.
It was a mirage
all along.
Light never found you,
you only thought it did.
It was a mirage
after all.

Unfollow Them – In Real Life

Sometimes you will have people in your life with whom you will great bonding but not every story can be a fairy tale. So when everything starts falling apart you try to figure out what went wrong. You start making efforts to get things back on track and you’re not doing this because you are afraid to lose that person but you do this because you are afraid of the fact that this person is going to leave a blank space in your life and you are not sure whether you will ever find someone who can fill up that blank space.

Its ok to take efforts to fix things but if you are the only one who is taking efforts and the person on the other side is not acknowledging the efforts that you are taking it’s better to part your ways. Because you definitely don’t want someone to be part of your life who cannot even acknowledge and respect the fact that, at least you are taking some efforts to fix things. It’s better if you distance yourself from them.

But when it comes to distance yourself from those people, unfollowing them of social media or adding their contact in reject list is not enough. Because at the end of the day that person once meant something to you. You are going to have that person in your thoughts for some obvious reasons. So if you really want to do something then unfollow them in real life and delete that contact not just from your mobile but also from your life….!